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  • OpenSpecimen v3.2 Release

    We are happy to release v3.2 with some new features and many bug fixes.

    What’s new in v3.2?

    1. Force delete Collection Protocol (see details)
    2. Assign custom form add/edit privilege to non-super-admin users (see details)
    3. Auto bulk upload (check details)
    4. SAML based authentication (check details)
    5. Bulk Upload for distributions

    To download
    For enterprise version: email contact@openspecimen.org
    For community version: https://github.com/krishagni/openspecimen/tree/v3.2.RC

    Plugins available as part of OpenSpecimen Enterprise
    1, Rapid data entry (RDE) for planned studies
    2. Simple data entry (SDE) for unplanned collections
    3. Dropdown list manager (under development)
    4. Dashboards (under development)
    5. Specimen request
    6. Specimen catalog
    7. Redcap integration
    8. Velos/EPIC integration
    9. OpenClinica integration
    10. Invoicing
    11. Tissue microarray (TMA)
    12. Animal biobanking module

    Please let us know in case of any questions or feedback.